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"Love it how it makes me feel present." -Joaquin H


Meditation Blanket By Mindful & Modern

GREAT FOR YOGA & MEDITATION: Mindful & Modern’s hand crafted meditation blankets can be folded into shapes that support meditation and underlay for Asana yoga positions. Simply fold or roll for body alignment and to comfortably support sustained positions.

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100% Hand Woven Organic Cotton.

Product Details

Designed for long-lasting comfort. 100% cotton with flat selvage edges that make it easy to fold flat.


60 x 80 Inches. 2.9 pounds

Care Guide

Wash in a gentle cycle to maintain the softness.

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Meditation Blanket By Mindful & Modern

UNMATCHED COMFORT: Sitting on the floor provides a position of optimum stability, but it’s not comfortable for everyone. Fold a yoga blanket to stabilize your body during harder poses, or wrap yourself in it for warmth during early morning sessions.

Makes a great gift or beautiful addition to any decor.