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Eclipse Nebulizing Diffuser + Bluetooth Speaker By PURE-OMA

The PURE-OMA Eclipse Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser is the ultimate relaxation tool, combining aromatherapy with the healing power of music. Gentle lights shimmer on the speaker’s surface, bringing a mood of calm to any space.

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    - Plastic

    Product Details

    The Eclipse provides direct and linear diffusion of essential oil, for highly-concentrated oil misting.
    Essential oils are released directly into the air, and not diluted with water.


    Length 200mm, Width 97mm, Height 200mm - 0.7Kg

    Care Guide

    - The Eclipse runs for up to 8 hours per charge. After approximately 4 hours of USB charging, The Eclipse is ready for another full cycle of use.
    - The Eclipse is extremely easy to maintain. Simply wipe with an alcohol-based pad once a week or as needed.
    - Only use the power cord supplied with the diffuser.
    - Disconnect diffuser from power source when not in use.
    - Use only 100% pure essential oils.
    - To clear oil residue from the diffuser, fill an empty bottle with alcohol and diffuse.

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    Eclipse Nebulizing Diffuser + Bluetooth Speaker By PURE-OMA

    The Eclipse uses new supersonic vibration atomization nebulizing technology, meaning that no heating or water is required. Simply screw any essential oil bottle directly into the unit, and instantly immerse yourself in your favorite scent. The Eclipse is compatible with most essential oils, blends, and absolutes.

    The Eclipse is easy to operate and comes with a built-in, high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Scents can easily be changed with minimal effort and cleaning. Roughly the same size as a photo frame, The Eclipse’s elegant curves will seamlessly blend with any home or office décor. The Eclipse diffuses pure and powerful scent in up to 700 square foot spaces, and operates wirelessly for up to 8 hours.