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"This Yoga Strong roller is a great addition to my routine." - Donnie L.


Cyclone Roller By Yoga Strong

Life gets hard sometimes and the grind can leave your body sore and stiff.  The most effective way to help alleviate aches and pains is the Yoga Strong Roller. It is key to a healthier and happier you. 
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100% Foam.

Product Details

- Reduces muscle tightness.
- Accelerates your recovery.
- Helps improve mobility & flexibility.
- 100% foam.


6" diameter - 20" length.

Care Guide

Wash with light soap and water. Avoid hard chemicals as these may damage the foam integrity.

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Cyclone Roller By Yoga Strong

Most rollers are all foam, no personality. But not the Yoga Strong Roller — it has more swag than your high school prom date. It’s basically the roller that wears skinny jeans and expensive boots. Plus it’s super cute, so you might be tempted to cuddle with it.

The Yoga Strong Roller is tough on muscle tension, but not the kind of massage where you wear bed sheets and the lights are dimmed. Think of the Yoga Strong Roller as a little torture pet…for your muscles that is.