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"So awesome! can't get enough of these :)" - Darius B


Cork Yoga Block By Ananday

Yoga blocks make new postures accessible for you. Use to extend, stabilize, open, strengthen, deepen, and release. Prioritize the alignment of your body instead of forcing a shape, and you'll feel how your body releases tension. Cork is naturally anti-microbial (no funky odors), non-toxic, durable, lightweight... and 100% biodegradable.

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100% sustainable cork.

Product Details

- 100% sustainable cork.
- natural, non-toxic, plastic-free.
- contoured edges for comfortable grip.
- naturally antimicrobial (no funky odors).
- lightweight and travel-friendly.
- durable for a lifelong practice.


4" x 6" x 9" | 2.3 lb.

Care Guide

Cork is naturally antimicrobial, eliminating bacteria, germs and odors. For a deeper clean, simply spray with a natural mat cleanser and let dry.

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Cork Yoga Block By Ananday

These cork yoga blocks are natural, sustainable, and plant-based. No junk, no toxins, no synthetics, no plastic. 100% biodegradable cork.

Not sure how to use blocks? Here are some quick pointers:

beginner — use blocks to modify standing poses like triangle and side angle.

intermediate — practice jump backs and squeeze between legs in wheel.

advanced — use between forearms in forearm stand and practice press handstands.

use case 2

Rotate the blocks to adjust height for 3 different levels to work with. Find what works best for you!

These blocks have contoured edges for comfortable grip and support.

When you prioritize alignment vs forcing a shape, the energy channels in your body click into place and support the release of tension and stagnation. Alignment sets your body up to open on both the physical and emotional level. When you stay and breathe in alignment with yourself, your energy transforms.