About Us

The first seed for Loma was planted during the pandemic. When our lives were reduced to the square footage of our own gray and lifeless apartments, we found ourselves in deep need of a hobby. We also missed the outdoors… and we realized the importance of sprucing up our living spaces.

The simple joy of planting a seed, taking care of it, and watching it grow into a beautiful plant to decorate your living space seemed the perfect antidote to the stressful, monotonous, work-from-home cycle we were forced into. And so a hobby became an idea, and an idea became a business.

We try to encourage people to grow their own plants because we believe it makes life more enjoyable. It is rewarding. It is relaxing. You will find yourself drawn into it as surely as soil draws rainwater.

It all starts with one seed, a pot, water, and soil. The rest is all you.

- Joaquin, Roberto, and Sergio

Our Mission 

At LOMA We aim to start simple. To encourage people to buy some pots and plants to make their apartment look nicer, or to start a new hobby. In time, we hope that people find meaning in taking care of other living things and that their life is more enjoyable because of it.